The 2007 Corps
Blue Line
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The 2006-2007 Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps rose from the waters of hurricane Katrina.  SSGT Michael Galloway joined the D & B as the NCOIC in February of 2006, at the request of the base commander, to start up the Corps for the next parade after Katrina.  He scraped together 15 interested airmen and put on a base parade.  Galloway's first Corps Commander was AMN Fuger.  Fuger had a Bachelor's Degree in music and was a clear choice.  Since that time the Corps  had several airmen with degrees in music.  An addition was Airman Timothy Mobley who possessed a Masters Degree in Music.  The Corps also had a 2nd Lt. from the Penn State marching band assigned to Keesler for weather officer training.  He was the best trumpet Galloway had ever witnessed.

   With the rebirth of the Keesler Blue Knights, we can all look forward to many more years of entertainment, at it's finest, performed by young airmen in training for their Air Force careers.  Enjoy some pictures of the 2007 Blue Knights.

We thank you, SSGT Galloway!

SSGT Michael Galloway

AB Andrew Hutter

Bass drummers during practice

A1C Erin Rinehart

A1C Jeffery Upton

AB Jessica Sadowski

SSGT Michael Galloway and A1C Erin Rinehart

AB Joshua Kane

AB Lowell Amandam

AB Michael Ryan

AB Michael Wells

An unknown patriot

A1C Rashelle Kock

AB Robert Ploegman

AB Ryan Shea

Jessica Sadowski and Erin Rinehart

A1C Timothy Mobley

3 Blue Knight Amigos

A1C William Sheehan

A1C Erin Rinehart

Blue Line
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