Frank A. Freeman - Drums - 1964-1965  - Sewanee, TN
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I was snare drum & cymbals mid-Dec '64 - mid-Aug '65.  Besides the daily / weekly troop changes / retreats,  we marched in two Mardi-Gras parades: New Orleans & Mobile, and a review for the LA ANG Fighter-Interceptor Wing.

Tom Anderson's pics include the 'Sweetheart' Kathy that our douche bag Lt. Williams 'stole' & married.  :-(  Mike Steffen's pics show Nelson & Strong; I think I remember them, seems to me Nelson was a FANG, and had a fantastic sense of humor.

Kathy Corps Sweetheart
Nelson & Strong

One other memory ...

I had an LP recording of a London stage play entitled 'BLITZ', that had a 30-second 'cut' of an air raid siren.  My roomie [don't recall his name right off] put the platter on, cranked up the volume,
opened the windows in our 2nd floor corner room, and dropped the needle on the track.  Within seconds, our DM was running up & down the halls, yelling for everyone to GET OUT!!!!!  Needless to say, he wasn't too happy when he realized what was really happening.  We probably scrubbed the hall floors with toothbrushes for a good week afterward.  :-)

'Senility' has robbed me of the memory of names of our Drum Major, Guidon, & Drum Sgt, but if I recall them I'll be in touch.  I wish I had some pics, but any I had are long gone.  I do still have my rope & chromed brass!!
I'd love to think I might get by Biloxi/Keesler sometime, to hear the Knights perform.   -Frank


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