Jeff Fuss - Jan 1983-Sept 1983 - Lead Baritone - Corps Commander - Arcade, NY
Natalie Ormesher-Fuss - May 1983-March 1984 - Color Guard Captain - Nampa, ID
Both members were "Fuss Bus" Drivers and married at the 3419th
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-Narrative written by Jeff Fuss

Jeff Fuss

Dorm Life:
First 2 tiles to the right....I still find myself walking there to this day.  Don't touch the brass, never touch a horn without gloves.  I remember a couple of us, Diaz and Endress allong with others, brought new meaning to Dirty boot.  If you put us in the brace and told us to move to the position of.... we would do damage on our way. 

Judson came in one night from the Airman's club pretty lit and wanted to mess with me.  All I remember is he was sore the next day.  He told me to ignore him if he ever tried it again.  Natalie and I will find ourselves yelling at our kids using, “Move to the position of cleaning your room, move”. 

This always makes us smile afterwords.  I remember the first 32 hour room inspection on the Girl's side.  They used a newbie female runner to escort us.  After she saw what went on, she ran back to CQ in tears and we had to make new rules for behavior.  The first rule was, use a female from the corps as an escort.  The girls were having problems passing dorm inspection in June and 3 of  us males had to go over and help them clean.  We didn't mind, we wanted the girls to have weekend pass. I saw where Diaz asked if anyone remembered Cookie Jarvis, The Britt, I do and when he got to Goodfellow he wore his security badge on his nipple ring when in civilian clothes.  Drove the guards nuts. 

My roommate was George Endress, and both of us ropes.  When boots would show up at our door with bootsheets, the fun would begin.  For anyone who had to “assume the position of a search, higthfinder, or tracking radar”, while being squirted with water, I offer no apology!

Corps Pictute

I saw where Ott mentioned the Edgewater mall incident. We were standing in front of the music store about 6 inches from the glass wall.  We could feel the wall hitting us in the back while we were playing.  The next Monday I was in the STA office when Sgt Cook got the phone call, $7,000 in damage and they wanted us back.  Seems we shook some fragile things off shelves.  

Natalie and I both drove bus, who remembers the “Fuss Bus” boogie by the styx?  Getting out of town after a performance was always interesting.  We used the “GI Forklift” to move cars.  Several times we came out of New Orleans and I had the lead bus.  By the time we left Canal street my bus was empty from deploying road guards. 

We messed up the Star Spangled Banner once in Biloxi.  Ott went to start us and only me and I think Dearing came in.  He had to start us over.  We heard about that one later. I  got volunteered for honor guard duty at a beauty pageant downtown one weekend.  I got sick that week and showed up at sick call on Thurs morning with a 103 temp.  They gave me aspirin and told me to come back Monday if I was still sick.  Sat morning I was standing at attention during the beauty pageant and got dizzy.  I did an about face to leave and passed out.  Never did live that one down.

Corps Picture 2

Off Duty:
Tivolli and Rodeway Inn (Until Fye broke the bed) were the common weekend getaways.  I remember several times wanting late night food from the BK on the beach and us lining up like we were in a car to go through the drive through.  Moody's Dream Lake was anther weekend hangout.  We would grab gear from MWR and head out across the Ocean Springs Bay Bridge.  We were all having fun on 4th of July weekend 1983 when a certain Capt quietly arrived out there and stole everyone's clothes off the dock while they were skinny dipping.  Natalie and I stayed in our tent and laughed. A favorite watering hole was the Hook, Line & Sinker.  There was a girl there named GiGi who played guitar and sang.  No matter what song we came up with, she knew it.  She also didn't mind when we sang along, I am sure some of the other customers did though.

Our Wedding:
What an incredible experience.  All we did was hire the minister and get Tux's and dress.  The other members of the corps arranged everything from the food to the music to the Honor Guard.  Everyone who has seen our pictures were just amazed.  It was the most incredible experience of our military careers.  The friendships and  acts of kindness by near strangers will always be with me.  “There we were all in one place, a generation lost in space...“  We grew up together and learned lessons about relationships and friendship that I will cherish forever.  That is what made 1983 so special.





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