Harvey Le Cato - Oct 1966-May 1967 - Baritone Horn - Emerson, NJ
Blue Line
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I was in the corps from October 1966 to May 1967 (baritone bugle).

Harvey at sign

Actually, I started off on “contra bass” but got moved to baritone since I didn’t have the
“air”.  I was a member of the corps for 8 months as my training was kind of long
(Radio Relay Repairman - 304x1).

Tech School

Back in 1966-67 we wore 1505s and Fatigues. We actually shined our boots, and ironed


We had inspections prior to playing Retreat. Here’s a picture of Lt. McIntosh.


My most favorite memory, aside from (finally) passing my room inspection, was
trying out for drum major, and getting to march the Corps for Retreat.  What a thrill !!


Since my school was so long, I got to go home (NJ) over Christmas.  I took some time
to visit my high school, and an event there changed my life.  While chatting with
one of my former teachers, I heard about one of my high school classmates who was
attending the Air Force Academy Prep School.  “Cool” I thought.  So, upon my return
to Keesler, off to the base education office I went.  The rest is history.  I graduated
from tech school, and got my orders to the 2045th Comm Gp at Andrews AFB. 


I was there a week, and my orders for the Prep School came in.  Three weeks later it

was off to Colorado Springs.  Five years later, I was a “butter bar” and retired in

1992.  I still have the “Blue Knight” which I cut off the jacket, and sewed it onto my
Academy class bathrobe.

Certainly, a lot of great memories with the Blue Knights. I often wonder what happened to “Randy” with the Ford Falcon, and “Robbie Roberts”.  Some good friends.  Hope they are still among us.  Currently (and forever) living in Colorado Springs.


Blue Line
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