John Sherwood - Tenor Drum - 1964 - Charlotte, NC
Blue Line
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    Our Drum Major
I learned of the Blue Knights while a student in 307X0 (tech control) course in early 1964.  Was accepted (Tenor drum), got my rope (still have that) and had a blast.  

Gosh, what was the D&B repertoire?   Scotland the Brave, Watermelon Man, march from Aida, Air Force Blue... the mind is fading.   Maybe we need a "repertoire  through the years" section ?

We did all the parades and "colors" and marching the troops from the Triangle area and reviews, etc. One interesting trip was a General's retirement at Barksdale.    We flew in a decrepit old C-97 ex-flying command post and a C-47.  Our WAF was going to ride in  the C-47.... until.... in front of God and everybody, she tried to put on the (required)  parachute.....not even thinking.... she tried to hitch the straps up..... with her Class B skirt on ;~}   Well, you had to be there.

I remember we cut an LP in some large auditorium. 'Wish I still had that. Best memento is the drum head... an old Camco head. Probably has half the corps signatures on it.  I really don't know how that head busted during my last week in the corps (is there a statute of limitations on destruction of government property ???).  

When I returned from the Phillipines as an instructor at Thompson Hall, all I could do was watch the Corps around the base.  I continued playing drums while at Keesler.   Played in a C&W  band at the Friendly Lounge and Red Dog Saloon.  Since I got out of the AF, I've switched instruments and now play in a  high-fallutin' string quartet.


John Sherwood
Charlotte, NC


Blue Line
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