Rob Wilkinson - Styx Sgt - 1983-1984 - Monroeville, PA
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Unfortunately, I was not much of a camera person, which I regret now.  I have no pictures of the D&B corps, just memories. And those memories seem to be fading more and more.  Some of my memories include marching in the Mardi Gras parade, which seemed like 10 miles long, and ending up in the Superdome, which was 25 degrees warmer inside than outside, and seeing some in the drum section get lightheaded because or the sudden temperature change.  Also, some people trying to rush us from the crowd to get parts of our uniforms, berets, or instruments.  It was still great though because I remember being "flashed" by a woman on a balcony.

A party at the Back Bay

I also remember playing halftime at a USFL game in Alabama.  >>EDITOR'S NOTE - The game was Birmingham Stallions at New Orleans Breakers on Memorial Day, 1984, in the Superdome<<   I can't remember which, but on the return trip from one of those performances, all the buses pulled off to the side of the road for a MASS pee break, boys and girls included.  I remember someone who remained in a bus took a picture of everyone lined up side by side facing into the woods relieving themselves.  I laughed till I cried when I saw that photo.  I remember going to the beach and swimming in the brown water.  I remember the Tivoli Hotel and it's less than desirable reputation.  Since I was at Keesler during the Christmas Holiday, I remember it snowing on Christmas Eve of 1983 and some of us drowning our sorrows because we couldn't be home with family.  I remember a girl that drank so much that she got sick and passed out that night.  I had to carry her into the women's dorm yelling "man in the barracks" so I wouldn't surprise anyone.  Many, many fond memories and very few bad ones. 

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The "Old Man of the Corps"

I actually don't remember what position I held on the Officer's Council.  I was a yellow rope.  And, of course, being there for 10 months, I eventually became "Old Man of the Corps", even though it was only for a month.  Ahh, the power.  I remember people trying to steal my cane all the time.  There were 2 occasions where I would hastily slide my "Old Man" cane under the door of my room so I wouldn't have to carry it to some function (meal, meeting) and my traitor roommate would let someone in to steal the cane.  There were a few of us that had motorcycles while at Keesler and I remember on a few occasions resting my bass drum on the seat of the bike while we had a practice. And what was that silly tradition of rolling up the metal bullet tassels of the rope within the sleeves of your shirt and someone pounding on them?  Ugh!  My favorite thing to do was of course to play the "Blue Knight Boogie".  When we would stop during a parade and play it, the crowd always went wild.  The stick handling of the snares was a great show and the rhythm had them dancing. 

was pretty low-key while in the Corps.  The only trouble I caused while there was an incident at a practice when someone was leaving and bowing out of the Corps.  I think each person that was leaving would request a couple songs to be played.  Afterwards, people would drop their instruments and rush them and ropes would be screaming "Move", then "Stop Move".  I jumped on my motorcycle and drove toward that person skidding to a stop just a few feet from them.  The Corps NCO went ballistic.  Oh well...
I left the Air Force after three and a half years and pursued a career in computers.  I now work for Canon, USA as a network engineer.  I live in Pittsburgh, PA, not far from where my wife and I grew up.  I grew up about 40 miles from where I currently live so I am a lifelong "Yinzer", western Pennsylvania's answer for Y'all or Youce Guys.  We have been married for almost 23 years now.  No kids, just golden retrievers.   I love golfing and riding my Honda Goldwing motorcycle.

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